Steps to being a coach

Want to be a Coach?

Volunteer coaches are what make our organization work.  They are willing to give their time, knowledge, and energy to provide the opportunity for players to participate.  Every year parents or other volunteers step up to ensure that the season can happen.  We want to begin by thanking you for your willingness to consider this commitment.  We try to make it as simple as possible with step-by-step directions (below), support through our coaches Facebook group, and free lessons and clinics on how to coach.  Welcome, and let’s get started.


1. Start by Registering to be a coach

2. Complete your Background Check Online Between July 1 and August 1. (You will need to create an Account): Instructions are available on the Page as a .PDF document.  If you do this before July 1 you will have to do it again after July 1.

3. Complete the Sudden Cardiac Arrest online class.  It's free and takes about 15 minutes.  Download and email a copy of your certificate to the Registrar.

4. Visit the Safe Sport Webpage and complete the 30 minute training on keeping kids safe.  Register as US Soccer and the code is: YC3E-6P5G-YYIL-CS2M.  Download and email a copy of your Certificate to the Registrar.

5. Ask to Join our Facebook Coaches page

6. Get Ready for a season of fun



URGENT - Coaches and Volunteers Must have Current RMA:
RMA for WA Youth Soccer Volunteers (Coaches, Assistants & Board Members):
Washington Youth Soccer Volunteer RMA

RMA for Referees: Washington Youth Soccer Referee RMA Portal