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FAQ - updated April 2020

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Will there be a season this year (with Covid-19 and all)?

A: Short answer is we don't know, but we hope so.  Therefore the Bremerton Soccer Club Board has decided to prepare as if there is, while minimizing the burden we place on families.

Q: When will I be contacted about my child's team for the fall season when I register in the spring / summer?

A: About the middle of July the club holds a coaches meeting where the team rosters are handed out to the coaches. Coaches should contact their players by the first week of August to let them know about practices.
Don't forget to update your email in Sports Connect (Where you registered) since coaches use Blue Sombrero to contact their teams.
If you have not received a call from a coach by August 20th, contact the club registrar by e-mail.

Keep in mind - sometimes coaches are on vacation or the club might still be trying to find a coach for that team.


Q: How are teams formed?

Teams are formed in the following way:

1st: Players that request to return to the same team that they were on the previous year and are signed up by June 1st are placed back on that team.

2nd: Players that request to play on a team (requesting to play for a coach or to play with a friend). If the player is in the correct age group and if there is room, on the team, they are placed on the team by the first request date. REQUEST MUST BE IN BY JUNE 1st. There is no guarantee that the request can be honored.

3rd: As needed to make a team or to fill out a team.

Note: Players are placed in their age group unless it's been requested that they play up (they must pay the fee for that age group) and there must be room for them to play up. Also this must be approved by the coach and Bremerton Soccer Registrar.


Q: Why can't my child play with their best friend, they both are in the same grade at school?

A: Players are placed on teams by their age (birth year) not the grade that they're in. Players can not play down. WSYSA Rule 206.2 (Player Age Definition).


Q: Why do I need to provide a copy of my child's birth certificate or other legal proof of age? Can I use a Hospital, baptismal or religious certificate?

A: Bremerton Soccer Club needs to have a copy of the legal proof of age on file in case of a question of the player age. WSYSA Rule 204.7.2. Proof of Age: States that a player shall provide proof of age upon initial registration with an affiliated organization of the WSYSA. Any player may be called upon to provide said proof of age to a member association registrar or the WSYSA registrar upon request. Hospital, baptismal or religious certificates can not be accepted.


Q: How often and where will my child practice?

A: Each individual coach will sign up for a practice field (Bremerton Park Site or a local school). During the first coaches meeting, they will pick the time and days (normally twice a week) that their practices will be held.


Q: When do games start and how many are in a season?

A: Practice starts the middle to end of August. Games begin the first Saturday after Labor Day. The season is 10 games long. Most games are played on Saturdays. Very rarely, depending on the number of teams in an age bracket, there will a Sunday game.


Q: What does my registration fee pay for?

A: Your registration fees helps to pay for uniforms, shorts, socks, pennies, goals, nets, balls, flags, field paint, referees, insurance, coaches clinics, field use for practices and games.


Q: What equipment do I need to buy for my child to play soccer?

A: Your child will need shin guards and a pair of soccer shoes(NO Football or Baseball shoes that have a front toe cleat). For ages U5-U8 Bremerton Soccer Club provides uniforms, shorts and socks for each player to wear for their games. Parents will need to pick up their players uniform at uniform issue, when the times and place is announced (with $25 deposit for U-5 to U-8).Players get to keep the socks. Ages U5 - U8 uniforms and shorts must be returned after the season to receive your deposit back.Time and place will be announced, the final day for uniform turn in is December 15th.

B: For ages U9 and up you can keep your uniform - they are part of the registration fee.

Coaches are provided balls & cones. It's recommended that each player have a ball to practice with at home. Shin guards must be worn during practice & games. The club provides one pair of soccer socks. It is recommended that player(s) purchase an extra pair of royal blue soccer socks.


Q: Who coaches the teams?

A: All of our coaches are volunteers, many of them being a parent of a player. All coaches must pass through a Washington State Youth Soccer Association's risk management program with background check. All adults working with a team MUST register with the club to obtain RMA clearance, no exceptions. There is training available for coaches through WSYSA.


Q: What's the difference between a "Select" team and a Recreation team?

A: Recreational: The use of tryouts, invitations, recruiting, or any like process to roster players selectively to any team on the basis of talent or ability is prohibited. Recreational teams have a 10 game fall season and might play in one or two tournaments. Their season is over in November or December.
Select teams starts out at U11 and you have to tryout for them. Tryouts are usually held in March or April. They usually play in tournaments around the state during the summer and their season is longer.


Q: May players wear earring if they are taped?

A: WSYSA rules do not allow players to participate in games if they are wearing jewelry - this includes "taping" of the earrings.

Q: What does the "U" means?

A: It stands for UNDER - this means that all players on the team were under that specified age on December 31st. of the seasonal year.

U5-U8 are in the Micro division, U9-U12 are in the Mid division, and U13-U19 are in the Recreational division.

U18 (under 18) Player has not reached 18th birthday before December 31st. of the current year
U17 (under 17) Player has not reached 17th birthday before December 31st. of the current year
U16 (under 16) Player has not reached 16th birthday before December 31st. of the current year
U15 (under 15) Player has not reached 15th birthday before December 31st. of the current year
U14 (under 14) Player has not reached 14th birthday before December 31st. of the current year
U13 (under 13) Player has not reached 13th birthday before December 31st. of the current year
U12 (under 12) Player has not reached 12th birthday before December 31st. of the current year
U11 (under 11) Player has not reached 11th birthday before December 31st. of the current year
U10 (under 10) Player has not reached 10th birthday before December 31st. of the current year
U09 (under 9) Player has not reached 9th birthday before December 31st. of the current year
U08 (under 8) Player has not reached 8th birthday before December 31st. of the current year
U07 (under 7) Player has not reached 7th birthday before December 31st. of the current year
U06 (under 6) Player has not reached 6th birthday before December 31st. of the current year
U05 (under 5) Player has not reached 5th birthday before December 31st. of the current year



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